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Sucessful public consultation presentation of the project “Development of tram infrastructure in Riga” construction intent

Taking into consideration the strong public interest of the project No. “Development of tram infrastructure in Riga” (hereinafter - the Project), which is funded by the Cohesion fund, regarding the construction of a new tram infrastructure section which will connect the existing tram routes, as well as the reconstruction of the existing tram infrastructure, on 26 March 2019 in Riga City Council meeting hall a public consultation presentation was held regarding the construction intent “The Construction of a New Tram Infrastructure Section and Reconstruction of the Existing Tram Line, Stage 1, 2 and 3”.

During the event, presentations were given by the representatives of the Riga City Council Department of City Development, “Rīgas satiksme” and the construction developer SIA “BRD projekts”. To ensure more extensive involvement of the public and equivalent opportunities to express opinion on the planned construction intent, SIA “Rīgas satiksme” invided the representatives of the Riga Neighborhoods Alliance, Skanste Development Agency and Friends of the Great Cemetery.

The great public interest regarding the construction intent was evidenced by the extensive and active discussions after the presentations, where several constructive proposals were received from the participants which should be taken into account in developing the technical solutions for the construction of the section of the tram infrastructure.

“Rīgas satiksme” will summarize the proposals and pass them to the Riga City Construction Board for consideration and inclusion in the report that will be published on the municipality website.

You may submit your opinion and reviews regarding the construction intent until 4 April 2019

  1. at any Riga City Council Visitor centre (free info line 80000800);
  2. Riga City Construction Board Customer Service Centre in Riga, Amatu iela 4, 1st floor, during the visiting hours;
  3. and electronically on section “Public participation”;

Please, note that all information about the implementation of the Project, including the public consultation presentations, is available on “Rīgas satiksme” website under the section “Information about Skanste tram line”

You can find more information on „Rīgas satiksme” services, route schedules, types of tickets and other news and also in social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook.



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