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Survey: 91% of passengers are positive about e-ticket

A majority of passengers, or 91% of Riga residents who use trams, trolleybuses and buses on a daily basis, believe that the e-ticket is convenient, according to a client satisfaction survey conducted by “SKDS” this spring.

If we compare survey results over several years, in 2017 the level of Riga residents’ satisfaction with the e-ticket has reached its maximum – 91% see the e-ticket as convenient or very convenient. For example, in 2011 the evaluation was significantly lower: only 81% considered using the e-ticket as convenient.

As for the types of tickets chosen by passengers who do not enjoy discounts, 61% prefer tickets for a certain number of trips. The number of passengers preferring tickets or a certain period of time has also increased:  – from 8% in 2013 and 6% in 2015 up to 14% in 2017. The usage of monthly tickets has not shown any significant changes: there were bought as many monthly tickets as in the previous years.

The e-ticket (e-talons) was introduced in Riga public transport on May 1, 2009, and there are several types of e-tickets – Riga resident’s card, Pupil’s e-card, personalized e-ticket, non-personalized e-ticket, as well as yellow e-ticket. Initially, it functioned just as an electronic ticket, but now it has several functions: with Riga resident’s card, one can pay for parking services, enjoy discounts offered by cooperation partners, use the card as an electronic key etc.

“Rīgas satiksme” orders a client satisfaction survey once in two years to find out what are clients wishes and satisfaction level, as well as to improve the quality of service. The last survey was conducted by market and public opinion research center “SKDS” in March and April this year and involved 1305 randomly selected permanent residents of Riga aged 18-74.

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