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The adaptation of the infrastructure section of tram route 7 to the parameters of a low-floor tram will be carried out by SIA Binders

Rīgas satiksme has signed a contract with the road construction company SIA Binders for construction works on the section of tram route 7 from Centrāltirgus iela to the final destination Ķengarags – in total about 7 kilometres long. Active construction works will take place throughout 2023.

“Convenient, fast, and safe tram travel is one of our top priorities. To achieve this commitment, major improvements to the existing tram infrastructure are needed. Tram routes must be modernised to ensure mobility for every passenger and that city residents and visitors choose to travel by tram more often. The construction works will cause some temporary inconvenience for us and for passengers, but we cannot achieve improvements without such works. We have already started major construction work on tram route 5, as well as at the junction of 11. novembra krastmala and 13. janvāra iela. Next year in Riga, after a break of several years, we will all have multiple upgraded tram routes”, says the Member of the Board of Rīgas satiksme, Jānis Golubevs.

The construction works will include the reconstruction of the existing tram infrastructure and related facilities, including the reconstruction or renewal of the rail structure and the installation of new rails. Stop platforms will also be upgraded, both on the street and on the sidewalk, making it easier for all groups of passengers to get on and off the vehicle. At the same time, traffic lights will be rebuilt and adapted to give priority to tram traffic, and a number of traffic safety measures will be implemented. The works also include rebuilding of the tram overhead contact line supports and overhead systems, as well as the electrical cables.

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Three proposals were received for the works on the section of tram route 7 from Centrāltirgus iela to the final destination Ķengarags, adapting it to the parameters of a low-floor tram, of which the lowest contract price was offered by one of the leading Latvian companies, the road construction company SIA Binders. The total amount of the contract is EUR 22 479 218.97, excluding VAT.

Construction supervision will be provided by SIA BaltLine Globe, ensuring that the quality and scope of the works are properly checked and documented, and that the works are carried out on time and in accordance with the agreed schedules. The company submitted the most economically advantageous proposal within the framework of the procurement procedure for a total amount of EUR 27 300 excluding VAT. A total of 5 proposals were received for the construction supervision.

The construction supervision will be carried out by an association of persons consisting of SIA BRD projekts and SIA REM PRO. The total amount of the contract is EUR 88 600, excluding VAT. The construction supervisor must supervise the authentic realisation of the construction project (both individual parts of the construction project, their mutual correspondence and the content of the construction project as a whole) in nature, preventing arbitrary deviations of the construction participants from the construction project approved by the Riga City Council Urban Development Department, as well as violations of binding laws, regulations and standards during the construction works.


The construction works are co-financed by the European Union Cohesion Fund within the framework of project No. “Adaptation of Riga Tram Infrastructure to Low-Floor Tram Parameters” (hereinafter – the Project). In addition to the reconstruction of the infrastructure of tram route 7, the project also includes the adaptation of the infrastructure of tram route 5 from the junction of Slokas iela and Jūrmalas gatve to the final destination Iļģuciems, as well as the reconstruction of the junction of 11. novembra krastmala and 13. janvāra iela to the parameters of a low-floor tram. The total cost of the Project is estimated at EUR 55.2 million, while the Cohesion Fund co-financing amounts to 85% of the eligible costs, i.e., EUR 38.78 million.

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