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The Board informs about the events (July 29-August 11)

On July 29, an extraordinary meeting of RP SIA „Rīgas satiksme” shareholders gave a prior approval for a deal, taking account of the restrictions set in the statutes of the capital company. Earlier the Council of RP SIA „Rīgas satiksme” also accepted the deal.

At the meeting of July 31, the Board of RP SIA „Rīgas satiksme” considered issues of the company’s day-to-day operations: it listened to the report of the head of the Interior Audit Unit Ņ. Lasmane about the conclusions and proposals made by the auditors, as well as accepted the signing of several procurement agreements. The Board became familiar with the letter of the Latvian Partnership of Construction Entrepreneurs, which informed about the general agreement of the industry that sets the minimum gross salary for those working in the construction field at 780 euros, and a 5% supplement for qualified professionals, which means a guaranteed minimum salary of 820 euros. The above agreement will affect RP SIA „Rīgas satiksme” both directly and indirectly, because the company is also a large customer for construction works.

On August 1, another meeting of RP SIA „Rīgas satiksme” Strategy Update Management Group took place to discuss potential guidelines for the development of RP SIA “Rīgas satiksme” in the next planning period. To make the process of drawing up development planning documents at  RP SIA “Rīgas satiksme” more efficient, it was decided to establish four thematic group based on the division of strategic goals set in the long-term strategy of RP SIA “Rīgas satiksme”. The thematic groups will submit proposals concerning the development planning documents of RP SIA “Rīgas satiksme” within their competence, making an in-depth study of some issues, if necessary. It is planned to establish the thematic groups until the end of August.

The Board of RP SIA „Rīgas satiksme” started to evaluate the operation of SIA “Rīgas karte”, as the shareholder and service agreement, which regulates the existing situation, expires next year. Therefore, a model for further action is to be chosen in the coming months. It should be reminded that agreement with  SIA “Rīgas karte” is not only about the ticket trade system of RP SIA „Rīgas satiksme”, it also enables the granting of municipal fare discounts, the operation of Riga resident’s card, Riga e-pupil’s card, as well as is used to administer Riga’s social service system. To solve these issues, on August 5 the Board of RP SIA „Rīgas satiksme” listened to N. Kolečis, deputy Director of Administrative resources in charge of IKT matters, who informed about the latest trends in the field of public transport ticket trade systems. On August 7, RP SIA „Rīgas satiksme” became familiar with the review of SIA “Rīgas karte” about the technical condition of the system it operates, its potential upgrades and the latest offers from companies of the “Conduent” group.

At the meeting of August 8, the Board of RP SIA „Rīgas satiksme” listened to the statement of Financial Director L. Hodaseviča about the results of the company’s operational report for the first six months of 2019 and the fulfilment of the credit plan. Given the fact that the construction of the hydrogen filling station of RP SIA „Rīgas satiksme” is completed and its commissioning documents are submitted to Riga City Building Authority, the Board listened to the report of Technical Support Director I. Šnikvalds about models of further technical maintenance of the hydrogen filling station and its readiness for daily service. Today RP SIA „Rīgas satiksme” already runs 10 trolleybuses with internal combustion engines that use hydrogen as fuel. For the time being, these trolleybuses are running on fully electrified routes, because the supplier of equipment for the hydrogen filling stations has suspended the operation of fuel storage tanks worldwide after the accident in Norway in June this year. When the reservoirs are again in use, trolleybuses will be able to run on hydrogen. The Board has also decided to establish a working group with the task of defining requirements for the ticket system of RP SIA „Rīgas satiksme” in the future. The head of the working group will be N. Kolečis, deputy Director of Administrative resources in charge of IKT matters.

On August 8, the Council of RP SIA „Rīgas satiksme” held a meeting at which amendments to the company’s 2019 budget were approved. Actually, is a new, fully revised version of the budget. It provides for increasing the compensation for the delivery of the public transportation service by slightly more than 2.5 million euros, because the compensation paid in March did not consider the impact of all the components specified in the Cabinet regulations.

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