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The number of public transport trips will be increased significantly from 1 September

“Rīgas satiksme” informs that, forecasting an increase in passenger traffic, changes will be made in the public transport timetables from 1 September on weekdays and from 5 September on weekends. The total number of public transport output will be increased by 760 trips on weekdays, while on weekends – by 387 trips. In addition, from 1 September, bus routes No. 4z, 35, 59 and tram route No. 9. will be renewed on weekdays, while bus routes No. 57, 59. and trolleybus No. 13 will be available on weekends.

From 1 September, changes to the following routes have been introduced in weekday timetables:

From 5 September, changes to the following routes have been introduced in weekend timetables:

Minor adjustments will be made to departure times between stops (departure times from route destinations will remain unchanged) in the weekday timetables for bus routes No. 3, 28, 30, 34, 47 and 56. While regarding the weekday timetable of bus routes No. 38, 39 and 54, there will be changes in the arrival time at the end stop “Abrenes street”.

From 5 September, minor adjustments will be made in the weekend timetable of bus routes 21, 28, 46 and 50, regarding their departure times between the stops (departure times from route destinations will remain unchanged).

With the end of the beach and recreation season, from 1 September, the bus No. 30 will run only on weekdays, while bus No. 29 will run the route “Mežciems – Vecmīlgrāvis”.

No 1.septembra ievērojami palielinās sabiedriskā transporta reisu skaits.png

“Rīgas satiksme“ will monitor the passenger flows and, if necessary, will make changes in the timetables.

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