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The number of registered trips on buses and trolleybuses after 21:00 has increased by around 20%

On all Rīgas satiksme buses and trolleybuses, since 1 August, boarding after 21:00 takes place through the front door. According to the statistics, the number of registered trips on these vehicles has increased by about 20% on weekdays and by about 10% on weekends.

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It has already been reported that from 1 August, on all bus and trolleybus routes, in the evenings after 21:00, boarding is through the front door only and the journey must be registered at the driver's console. Passengers who pay for the trip using the code ticket application, must register the ticket when boarding the vehicle and show the driver only the confirmation of the trip fee displayed on the phone. Thus, the driver will ensure that all passengers register and pay for the trip.

The goal is to change passenger behaviour so that they register every trip and reduce the number of people without tickets. It will also reduce the number of people who travel in public transportation wearing dirty or smelly clothes, and who disturb other passengers.

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