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There will be changes in Retro tram’s schedule on September 3

“Rīgas satiksme” informs that there will be changes in the Retro-tram’s schedule on September 3 due to filming works.

On Sunday, September 3, the first runs of the Retro tram, at 9:10 from Ausekļa Street and at 10:09 from  Mežaparks, will be cancelled, and the tram will return to the normal schedule at 10:45 from Ausekļa Street and at 11:54 from Mežaparks.

Retro tram departure times on September 3:


Departure times

Ausekļa Street - Mežaparks

10:45; 12:30; 14:05; 15:35; 17:05

Mežaparks – Ausekļa Street

11:54; 13:29; 14:59; 16:29; 18:14

Tickets are sold by the driver and are valid until the end of the trip. The price of one ticket is 2.00 EUR, children up to the age of seven can use the tram free of charge. The tram can carry 30 passengers and has 18 seats.

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