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There will be changes to the bus route 11T from 4 to 14 February due to filming

From 4 to 14 February there will be changes on the bus route 11T because of traffic closures on Matīsa iela, from Brīvības iela to Tērbatas iela, due to filming works for the feature film "Harbin".

Route 11T buses:

from Stacijas laukums will follow the route to K. Barona iela, then on K. Barona iela, Bruņinieku iela, Brīvības iela and further along the route to Mežaparks. On the bypass, buses will stop at the stops "Tērbatas iela" and "Brīvības iela" on Bruņinieku iela (buses 20 and 50), and at the stop "Matīsa iela" on Brīvības iela (buses 3, 6, 9, 16, 21). In the direction from Stacijas laukums, the stops "Bērnu pasaule" (K. Barona iela) and "Brīvības iela" (Matīsa iela) will not be served.

From Mežaparks, buses will follow the route to Brīvības iela, then on Brīvības iela, Stabu iela, Krišjāņa Barona iela and then follow the route to Stacijas laukums. On the bypass, the 11T bus will stop at Stabu iela at the stops "Stabu iela" (buses 20 and 50) and at the temporary stop "Tērbatas iela – pagaidu" on Stabu iela made only for the 11T bus. In the direction from Mežaparks, the stop "Bērnu pasaule" (Matīsa iela) will not be served. 


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