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Tram – Riga’s more reliable public transport

The information aggregated by "Rīgas satiksme" suggests that tram is the most reliable public transport in Riga. In winter, when there are snowstorms, deep snowdrifts and slippery roads in the city, buses and trolleybuses are one hour behind the schedule, while trams are late less frequently, and their delays are mostly related to the negligent attitude of other vehicles to the public transport traffic in the city.

The data of the "Rīgas satiksme" traffic control service for the first two weeks of December show that buses and trolleybuses were one hour or even more behind the schedule, but tram delays were much shorter. Just to compare: in the first two weeks of 2009, when Riga was free of snow, buses were 30 minutes behind the schedule on the average. Most delays in trams are caused by cars and lorries, which, trying to overtake slowly moving vehicles, run on tram tracks, as well as turn to the left from tram tracks, which is still allowed in many places across Riga.

Tram is an environment friendly transport and one of the fastest means of public transportation. The average speed of trams in Riga is 16.49 km/h, but it grows significantly just in the central part of the city. The total length of tram tracks in Riga is 99.53 km, the number of tram stops reaching 244. At present, "Rīgas satiksme" runs a fleet of 252 tram carriages, which carry several thousands of passengers on nine tram routes daily.

On June 1 Czech-made low-floor "Škoda" trams were launched in Riga. They run on route No. 6 between the Radio circle and Jugla, the capacity of one tram is 300 passengers. The new low-floor trams consist of three interconnected sections, a lifting platform for disabled persons, as well as aeration and air conditioning equipment. The new trams are 31.64 m long and replace the outdated two-carriage sections. By the end of January 2011 Riga will receive 20 low-floor trams.

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