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Tram traffic across Akmens Bridge fully restored

The traffic of trams No. 2, 4, 5 and 10 across Akmens Bridge was fully restored at 19.25, yet changes in bus and trolleybus schedules will be kept for the coming hours. The traffic of buses and trolleybuses has not been changed in the direction of Pārdaugava, but on the way the city centre public transport stop Kuģu Street has been closed. Therefore, trolleybuses and buses are bypassing it, running in Valguma Street and then turn to Akmens Bridge.

It shall be reminded that several changes in tram traffic were introduced early in the morning due to the damage of water supply system at the crossing of Uzvaras Boulevard and Kuģu Street. A special free bus route, Central market – Āgenskalns market, was organised to carry passengers to the city centre, in which buses ran all the day long with an interval of five minutes.

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