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From November 15, discounts for travelling in Riga public transport will be resumed only for those adult customers who have a valid interoperable COVID-19 certificate

Following the order of the Executive Director of the Riga City Council, from November 15, the discounts granted by the municipality will be renewed for those passengers who have a valid interoperable COVID-19 certificate. For these passengers, as well as for the pupils of Riga schools and vocational schools, the public transport discounts will be renewed automatically and the fare reductions will be available in the same amount as before October 21. Whereas, for the passengers who have been granted fare reductions but do not have an interoperable COVID-19 certificate, from November 15, “Rīgas satiksme” will gradually block e-tickets and they will have to purchase tickets for travelling in Riga public transport at full price.

I believe that this decision is fair, because the vaccinated people deserve discounts, because they have acted responsibly both towards themselves and the society as a whole. I hope it will also serve as a push for those who still have doubts and have not been vaccinated. The data show that at present, the highest percentage of people who have not been vaccinated are the elderly people, which also highlights the main problem of our crisis - that elderly people suffer from the disease more severely. Therefore, I hope that this decision will serve as an incentive to get vaccinated and I again urge everyone to do it,” emphasized vice-mayor Vilnis Ķirsis.

Customers without an interoperable COVID-19 certificate, who have previously used discounted tickets and whose e-tickets will be blocked, from November 15, must purchase e-tickets on the yellow e-tickets, code tickets – in the mobile application or one-month tickets on a non-personalized e-ticket. If the personalized e-ticket or Riga resident’s card contains previously purchased and unused tickets or money in the e-wallet, you must immediately write an application for a refund and send it to the e-mail during the ticket validity period. The application must contain the name, surname, personal number, e-ticket number, bank account number.

In order to renew the fare reductions after obtaining an interoperable COVID-19 certificate or after cancellation of the procedure introduced by the order, the customer will have to visit one of the “Rīgas satiksme” customer service centres and get a new e-ticket, paying 2.85 euros for it.

Passengers who receive discounts from the state - persons with group I or II disability, persons under 18 years of age with a disability and a person accompanying a person with group I disability or a person under 18 years of age with a disability, regardless of whether they have an interoperable COVID-19 certificate or not, will be able to continue to use public transport as before.

For the passengers who already now use full fare tickets for payments in public transport, the new procedure does not introduce any changes. These passengers can use travel tickets, time tickets and one-month tickets for payment for the trip.

Full fare tickets can be purchased in advance sale outlets - ticket vending machines located in the street and in more than 400 points of sale in Riga. See ticket sales outlets here:

For communication with “Rīgas satiksme”, please use the information telephone 20361862 or send an email to You can also contact the company using its website , section “Contact us”, where everyone can submit an application.


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