Resident’s card

The resident’s card confirms the right of its owner to use the parking lot located within the red lines of the street section, where the address indicated in the resident’s card is located.

The payment for the resident’s card is to be effected in full for all days of the calendar month (it cannot be divided) until the 25th of the previous month.

The resident’s card is to be put in a visible place – on the left side of the vehicle’s dashboard, so that the inspector of the parking lots could check the existence and presence of this document, i.e. there must be visible user’s information, validity date, number of the document and protective stickers.

The post-payment tariffs, as well as the procedure of their application, payment, collection and disputing is set Riga City Council binding regulations No.206.

  • Application for issue of resident’s card

    Application for issue of resident’s card – download here.

    Resident’s card – a document which Riga municipal company SIA "Rīgas satiksme", as the operator of parking lots, based on the decision of Riga City Council’s commission issuing permits for the use municipal parking lots, for the payment set by Riga City Council’s binding regulations No. 206 „Binding Regulations on the Operation and Use of Municipal Parking Lots in Riga City” of 05.02.2013, issues to persons whose place of residence is located within the section of the street where the pay parking lot is organised, on condition that is that the vehicle is in the resident’s ownership, usership or possession. If there is no pay parking lot in the street section where the resident’s place of residence is located, the resident’s card is issued for the use of the parking lot located in the pay parking zone of this section of the street or in the nearest section of the street. The persons having declared their place of residence in Old Riga (R zone) receive one resident’s card for this address and have the right to use the card in the whole area mentioned above.

  • Paying for resident’s card

    The user of the resident’s card can effect payment every month (for a full month), in advance:

    • with bank transfer (it is necessary to indicate the number of e-invoice) to RP SIA „Rīgas satiksme” bank account:

    VAT REG. NO. LV 40003619950
    ACCOUNT NO. LV 65PARX0006048640045

    • at any bank branch, by paying cash to the above bank account
    • in cash or by bank card in the Office of parking lots at Atgāzenes Street 24a

    The payment shall be made not later than four working days before the end of the payment period!

  • Tariffs and zoning of resident’s card

    Please see the tariffs of the resident’s card and monthly subscription card for specific streets on the map

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