Monthly subscription card

Application form

The monthly card enables its holder to use RP SIA „Rīgas satiksme” municipal paid parking lots in all tariff zones.

According to Riga City Council Binding regulations No. 206, the fee for the right to use the paid parking lots is 250 EUR (including VAT) per month.

The payment for the monthly card shall be effected in full (it cannot be divided) for all days of a calendar month, until the 25th day of the previous month.

The monthly card, to which more than one vehicle is attached, shall be put in in a visible place – on the left side of the vehicle’s dashboard so that the parking lot controller could check the document and its content, i.e. could see the user information, the document’s validity date, number and safety stickers

The monthly card’s tariffs, the procedure of issuing, paying for and using the monthly card  are set by Rig City Council Binding regulations  No.206.

  • Application for the issue of monthly subscription card/contract signing

    Application for the issue of monthly subscription card/contract signing – download here.

    To sign a contract on the use of a pay parking lot, you have to submit a filled application form.

    Please send the application by mail (Vestienas Street 35, LV-1035) or e-mail to

  • Paying for monthly subscription card

    A holder of the monthly pass may effect prepayment on a monthly basis (for the whole month):

    • by bank transfer to RP SIA „Rīgas satiksme” bank account:

    VAT REG. NO. LV 40003619950
    ACCOUNT NO. LV 65PARX0006048640045

    • in any bank branch, by paying cash to the above bank account.


    The payment for the use of the monthly card shall be effected until the date specified in the invoice! If the payment is effected later, it is allowed to use the paid parking lot only after the user of the paid parking lot has informed RP SIA “Rīgas satiksme” about the effected payment, received confirmation that the payment had been received and registered! Otherwise, a post-payment notice will be applied!

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