Underground parking

  • 327 parking lots
  • 2 parking lots for persons with disability
  • special elevators for people with mobility impairment
  • short-term parking lot
  • long-term parking lot with passes
  • intended for the transport vehicles with the height not exceeding 190 cm
  • stopping and parking is allowed only in the appropriately marked places, observing the rules of use of the Parking lot, road traffic rules, information signs, horizontal road markings
  • only for the transport vehicles with the appropriately installed state registration number plates of the relevant country
  • payment by bank card only
It is prohibited in the underground parking lot:
  • to park the transport vehicles trailers;
  • to enter with mopeds, motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles;
  • to reserve space or in any other way restrict or hinder the parking of the other vehicles.
The control of the time of use of the parking lot is recorded by the vehicle state registration number plate recognition camera installed in the Parking lot, by registering the vehicle’s state registration number, entering and leaving the Parking lot and counting the time of use of the Parking lot
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