Retro tram rental conditions

  • trams and trolleybuses are rented out together with drivers, within the network of routes served by Riga urban electric transport;
  • the rent time includes the tram or trolleybus operation time, which is counted from the moment when the vehicle leaves the depot and until its return;
  • the rent price includes all costs and VAT;
  • the route is developed and its price is calculated for each individual case, according to the client’s wishes and the electric transport running capacities;
  • the rent shall be ordered at least 3 working days before the order fulfilment time;
  • the minimum rent time is 1 h, the minimum rent time counting unit is 0.5 h;
  • when making the order, you shall indicate:
  1. the company’s requisites or your name, surname;
  2. the registration number or identity code;
  3. the legal address/actual or residence address;
  4. the name, surname and contact information of the person responsible for the trip;
  • the invoice may be either prepaid or postpaid (for legal entities only);
  • the invoice is sent by e-mail. 
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