Information to whistle-blowers

Who is a whistle-blower? In which cases a whistle can be blown?

In accordance with the Whistle-blowing Law section 1 part one article 4:

  • a whistle-blower can be only a natural person,
  • a whistle can be blown on a possible or happened violation which may harm the public interests,
  • information on the possible violation obtained while fulfilling the work duties, including voluntary work, provision of services or establishing legal relations related to the fulfilment of work duties.

Which cases shall not be regarded as whistleblowing?

Not all cases when it is planned to inform about violations shall be regarded as whistleblowing. A report is not recognized as a whistle-blower’s report in the following cases:

  • if the whistle is blown anonymously,
  • if the whistle-blower is a legal entity,
  • if reporting only on infringements of personal interests not a violation affecting some group of the society,
  • in case information is provided that is not obtained in connection with professional activity of the whistle-blower,
  • deliberate provision of false information,
  • disclosure of information containing the official secret.

How to draw up a whistle-blower’s report?

The most convenient way is to draw up a report by filling in a Whistle-blower’s report form. In case another type of report is used, the following must be included compulsory:

  • this is a whistle-blower’s report,
  • name and surname of the whistle-blower,
  • contact details of the whistle-blower (e-mail, phone, address),
  • whether the information on violation is obtained while fulfilling the work duties.

In accordance with the requirements of the Law on Submissions and the Law on Legal Force of Documents, a whistle-blower’s report must be signed by a person or signed with safe electronic signature. If the report is submitted initially without a signature (simple e-mail letter or filled-in form of electronic report) and it corresponds to the features of whistleblowing, the responsible employee will contact the submitter to ensure that the report is being signed.

How to submit a whistle-blower’s report?

In accordance with the procedure stated by “Rīgas satiksme”, information on examination of internal whistleblowing and whistle-blower’s report see here.

Responsible person (contact person) in whistleblowing matters?

Whistle-blowers contact person: Head of Documents management department Aiga Ļaksa, phone: 67104788, e-mail:

What happens after submitting a whistle-blower’s report?

After the report is received, the competent institution based on the jurisdiction examines it within seven days to determine whether it is a whistle-blower’s report. A reply letter is sent to the submitter within three days after a decision is made on recognition/non-recognition of the received report as a whistle-blower’s report.

In case additional information is required to examine the report, the contact person in whistleblowing matters of the institution or person in charge of examination of reports will contact the submitter.

The submitter shall be informed on the result of examination, or, in case the examination is not completed yet - on the course of examination of the whistle-blower's report, informing additionally on the result of examination within two months from the day when the report has been recognised to be the whistle-blower's report.

Further information on whistleblowing you can find in whistleblowing homepage.

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