Council and board


  • Ainārs Ozols
    Ainārs Ozols Council chairman
  • Normunds Narvaišs
    Normunds Narvaišs Deputy of the council chairman
  • Andrejs Pančenko
    Andrejs Pančenko Member of the Council
  • Ernests Saulītis
    Ernests Saulītis Member of the Council
  • Juris Švanders
    Juris Švanders Member of the Council


  • Džineta Innusa
    Džineta Innusa Board chairman
  • Jānis Golubevs
    Jānis Golubevs Board member
  • Inga Krūkle
    Inga Krūkle Board member

Organisational structure of the company

Management report on fulfilment of integrated control systems in 2018

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