Retro tram

The traffic of electric trams in Riga was opened in 1901, which resulted in closure of horse-drawn tram lines. Riga’s Retro tram is a 1909-1910 model fully restored in 1982, based on old drawings and photos. The tram has 18 seats and standing room for 10.

Retro tram rent

We offer to rent the Retro tram in the 2019 year season from May 1 till September 30, in appropriate weather conditions. The Retro tram is available for rent on workdays and also on holidays and festive days.

The rental price is 85.00 EUR per hour (the rental time includes the period of using the tram between its departure and return to the base). All prices include the 21% VAT. 

Retro tram rental conditions

We offer the following Retro tram routes:

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