Code tickets

What is a code ticket?

A code ticket is a new method of payment in “Rīgas satiksme” public transport (tram, trolleybus, bus), which allows to make payments for the trips with a smartphone in online mode. The code ticket will work parallel with the existing e-ticket system. In order to use the code ticket, the customers will have to install a mobile application on their smartphones. The application can be downloaded:

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You can purchase up to 10 single (1 trip) tickets at a time in the application. When entering public transport, you must scan the code or enter the transport vehicle identification number that is visible below the QR code. If the controller enters the transport vehicle, you have to open the application and present the registered ticket to the controller. Purchased tickets must be used within 3 months of purchase.

What is an identification number?

  • Each tram, trolleybus and bus has a unique five-digit identification number. The identification numbers are visible both below the QR code and inside and outside the transport vehicle. Please see a visual example here.

What to do if you fail to register a ticket when entering public transport?

  • You must go to the public transport driver and purchase a 1 trip ticket.

What to do if a ticket controller gets on the public transport vehicle?

  • If a ticket controller gets on the public transport vehicle, you must open the application and present the registered ticket to the controller.

What to do if you fail to buy a ticket in the application?

  • If there are enough funds in the bank account, but the purchase cannot be made, please inform “Rīgas satiksme” about this case and choose other payment methods for the use of public transport.

What to do if during ticket control you cannot present the registered ticket?

  • If the smartphone stops working during the trip (discharges, the screen is broken or other malfunctions), the ticket controller shall apply a fine for travelling without a ticket, but the customer has the right to submit an application to “Rīgas satiksme” for review of the grounds for imposing a fine, indicating:

- the customer identification code (available in the mobile application) and/or the moble phone number,

- the information about the fine (for instance, attaching copy of the fine receipt),

- the information justifying the purchase of the ticket (for example, indicating the date of purchase or attaching the invoice) and information regarding the ticket authorization - the date, time and the vehicle identification number (available in the mobile application).

How to get back the money for the unused code tickets? 

  • We encourage you to buy tickets based on each passenger’s travelling habits and not to buy unnecessary tickets. However, if code tickets have been purchased but cannot be used within 3 months of purchase, you must visit one of the customer service centres and submit a refund application, indicating the customer’s identification code and/or mobile phone number, as well as the bank account number, if you wish to receive the refund via bank transfer. Tickets can be refunded at 90% of the specified amount.

 Please see the order and regulations of using tickets here.

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