Types and prices of tickets


Tickets loaded onto an e-ticket do not sum up, therefore, when an e-ticket is registered, the validator does not show the balance of all available tickets. For example, if a 5-trip ticket is being registered, the 10-trip ticket bought together with it is not shown. This means that if the 5-trip ticket was loaded at first, and then the 10-trip ticket, then the validator will read at first the 5-trip ticket which was bought the first and its balance. When the 5-trip ticket is spent, the validator will start to register and show the balance of the 10-trip ticket.   

You can get precise information about the contents of e-ticket in "Rīgas satiksme" customer service centres, ticket vending machines and places where e-tickets are sold, from the vehicle driver, getting a printout, as well as on the Internet if the client has activated this option. 

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