Parking lots

What information must I provide in my claim for cancellation of payment notification payment on open account?

The claim for cancellation of the applied payment on open account notification must specify:

  • the make and state registration number of the vehicle;
  • data of the paid parking lot user;
  • place, date and time of preparation of the notification, address of the paid parking lot;
  • notification number;
  • good reason for withdrawal of notification.

What is the maximum time of free use of paid parking lot during the working hours of paid parking?

  • The maximum time for free use of paid parking lot during paid parking working hours is 5 minutes.

Where can an individual get information about applied payment notifications on open account?

An application for information about notifications on open account with a copy of vehicle registration certificate attached, may be submitted and received by a natural person:

I paid for parking in zone B, but it turned out that the car was in zone A and I received a payment notification on open account. Please reduce the fine.

In order to make a decision on the refund of the paid parking money, are necessary:

  • a handwritten application of the account holder (bank, SMS service, Riga resident card or personalized e-ticket) indicating the details of a natural person - name, surname, personal identification code, bank name and account number, or details of a legal entity.
  • a copy of the payment order for payment of notification for payment on open account.
  • a document certifying the erroneous payment - a bank account statement or payment order if the payment was made with a bank card, or an SMS payment service account statement with visible details and the erroneous payment if the payment was made with a text message or mobile application.

I was sitting in the car and engine was on. Why did the controller issue a payment notification on open account?

  • When parking a vehicle in the paid parking lot of RP SIA “Rīgas satiksme”, the vehicle can be placed there free of charge for 5 minutes, after that a payment for the use of parking lot must be made.
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