Amendments to purchase agreement LIG-IEP/2016/13 "On the delivery of low-floor trams"

Please see the amendments to the procurement agreement: No. LIG-IEP/2016/13 "On the delivery of low floor trams" here.

Basis: amendments to the procurement agreement are made pursuant to Section 66, Paragraph three, Section 3 of the Law on the Public Service Providers, which provides that amendments shall be made to the procurement agreement if these amendments are necessary due to causes which the public service provider was unable to foresee. The Nordic Investment Bank and the European Investment Bank have decided to issue a joint loan to the Customer, which will be used together with the loan already issued by AS “SEB banka” to finance the investment project “The implementation of the second stage of the  introduction of the low-floor tram in Riga” implemented by the Customer, as part of which the trams referred to in the object of the AGREEMENT will be delivered.
The Customer renounces from the funding provided by the Supplier under the CONTRACT, and will use the funds of the loan issued by the Nordic Investment Bank and the European Investment Bank to pay for the deliveries under the AGREEMENT.  

Contact person – Rūta Šmite, deputy head of the Legal Department’s Procurement and Contract Section, phone: 67104863, e-nail:

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