Check validity of your e-ticket!

Check expiry date of your blue e-ticket!

"Rīgas satiksme" calls on those public transport passengers who use blue e-tickets to check their expiry dates. 

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How can I get to know the expiry date of my e-ticket? 

The expiry date of blue personalized e-tickets is written on the e-ticket (see the picture). As for non-personalised e-tickets, one can learn the expiry date from a printout of the e-ticket contents which is available at any place where e-tickets are sold. 

How to get a new e-ticket? 

1. Electronically. You have to fill in an electronic form (click on the button below) and choose the customer service centre where you would like to receive a new e-ticket/"Riga resident’s card". After your data are processed, you will receive an SMS/e-mail to the address stated in the form with an invitation to visit the customer service centre, having an identity document and the expiring e-ticket with you, and to receive the ready e-ticket/"Riga resident’s card".


Fill in this form to receive an e-ticket

2. In a customer service centre (see working hours and addresses here), you have to present your expiring e-ticket and identity document, after which a new e-ticket or "Riga resident’s card" will be printed. You can apply for visiting the customer service centre in advance:

Apply for visiting a customer service centre 

 More information:

  1. If you fill in the electronic form, the photo from the expiring e-ticket will be transferred to the new one. If you want a new photo on your e-ticket, please visit a customer service centre (see working hours and addresses here).
  2. If you have applied for visiting a customer service centre in advance, please visit it on the set date.
  3. If you try, but fail to apply for your preferable date and time, please visit a customer service centre (see working hours and addresses here).
  4. Your e-ticket will be replaced by a new one free of charge, if undamaged.. An expired e-ticket is to be submitted to a customer service centre (see working hours and addresses here). If your e-ticket has been intentionally damaged, you will have to pay EUR 2.85 (2.00 LVL) for a new one. Blue non-personalized e-tickets are replaced free of charge only during six months upon their expiry date, after which EUR 2.85 must be paid.
  5. If you are a Riga resident, you can receive either a personalized blue e-ticket or a "Riga resident’s card" (read more about the blue personalised e-ticket here, and about "Riga resident’s card" here). 


See the printed version Printēt!here and Printēt!here 

For other questions and more information, please visit "Rīgas satiksme" customer service centres, our website at, social networks "twitter", "facebook".

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