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One 90-minute ticket 1.50
Two 90-minute tickets 3.00
Ten 90-minute tickets 15.00

A 90-minute ticket can be used for 90 minutes, with the option to travel on any tram, trolleybus or bus route (a ticket must be registered each time another public transport vehicle (tram, trolleybus, bus) is entered). Registration of the last ticket can be made in the 89th minute from the first registration and is valid up to the destination. When entering the next form of transport, a new ticket has to be registered – it can be done, if two or more tickets are loaded.

  • The tickets are only valid on the routes operated by "Rīgas satiksme" (trams, trolleybuses, buses).
  • May be bought on a personalised, non-personalized, yellow e-ticket and on a code ticket.
  • To be used within 12 months after purchase, except for cases when the tariff is changed and a transitional period is set.
  • Please see the order and regulations of using tickets here.

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