One-month ticket

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One-month ticket


One-month ticket for passengers who are eligible for the Riga City Council fare discount*


  • Valid for one month from the first registration day, the tickets are only valid on the routes operated by "Rīgas satiksme" (trams, trolleybuses, buses).
  • Number of trips is not limited.
  • The full-price one-month ticket is available on the Riga resident’s card, personalised, non-personalised and yellow e-tickets, as well as on the code ticket app.
  • A ticket with a suitable Riga City Council fare discount is available on the Riga resident’s card and the personalised e-ticket.
  • To be used within 12 months after purchase, except for cases when the tariff is changed and a transitional period is set.
  • If the ticket is bought for one or several months, then its validity period is set from the start date till the same date of next or another month (not inclusive), or, if there is no such date in the calendar month, then till the preceding date of next or another month (inclusive), except for cases where another procedure is set for workdays.

Tickets for this price are available to the categories of passengers corresponding to Riga City Council’s binding regulations No.89 

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