Ticket sold in public transport

Single ticket for one trip – EUR 2.00.

Single pets’ ticket – EUR 1.50. The ticket is valid for carrying a dog held on a short leash. A passenger may carry no more than two dogs at a time. If an animal is carried as hand luggage, it is transported free of charge.

One-time transfer ticket – EUR 0.00. In case of technical problems, the driver shall issue one-time transfer tickets to passengers being inside the vehicle; this ticket is valid for one hour in any public transport of "Rīgas satiksme".4

Single ticket - 0,00 EUR. Is issued to disabled persons of group 1 and 2 and their accompanying persons in public transport of "Rīgas satiksme". More information is available here.

Public transport passengers are allowed to carry free of charge:

  • bicycles, provided they are put in a free place inside the public transport vehicles, without causing discomfort and traumas to other passengers and without damaging public transport, and making sure that the bicycle is not moving on its own inside the vehicle;
  • animals, if carried as hand luggage;
  • hand luggage, if the sum of its sizes (height, length, width) does not exceed 300 cm or length does not exceed 180 cm. 


When buying tickets in public transport, please give a precise amount of money to driver!

The driver has the right to refuse the transportation of an animal or luggage if it does not meet the requirements of these binding regulations or other regulatory enactments on the use of public transport.

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