Every day "Rīgas satiksme" undertakes many different activities in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 to the extent possible:

  • When stopping at the transport stops, the driver opens all doors of the vehicle, except for the front ones. The passengers are not required to use the door opening button;
  • When entering the terminal stop, the vehicles are ventilated by keeping all doors open;
  • “Rīgas satiksme” constantly follows the number of passengers in the public transport;
  • Taking care of the safety of the personnel, the open type cabins of the public transport drivers have been equipped with a special protective glass;
  • Every evening, when entering the park or depot, full disinfection of the vehicle is carried out – all holding bars, window edges, walls are cleaned, the floors and other surfaces are cleaned and washed;
  • Resources have been redistributed to increase intensity of the public transport trips.

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What are the conditions that passengers have to observe when travelling in the "Rīgas satiksme" public transport during the COVID-19 pandemics?

  • Mandatory use of mouth and nose cover, by covering both the nose and the mouth;
  • Use only the seats that are not marked;
  • The driver opens the public transport doors, the  passengers are not required to push the door opening button;
  • When getting out or in of the public transport, please, do not cause crowding and observe the distance;
  • When getting into the public transport, we encourage passengers to spread out through the entire salon of the transport;
  • The windows of the public transport are not locked and can be opened, if necessary;
  • We encourage passengers who are using 100% discount for travelling by the public transport to use it during the daytime hours.  

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How does "Rīgas satiksme" monitor the occupancy of the public transport?

  • We are following the passenger flows in the public transport on regular basis to ensure that the passenger occupancy of the salon would not exceed government-defined norms. If necessary, a reserve transport is provided. Additional morning and evening trips are planned, the information on these trips is published both on the website of the company and in the social media platforms.
  • There are also reserve transport, which is operatively assigned on the route, if the  passenger occupancy of the salon exceeds the permitted value. More information on the passenger transport is available on our website The number of passengers in the public transport is affected by traffic jams, accidents as well as various technical causes  , when the interval between trips increases due to unforeseen reasons, which may in turn cause higher salon occupancy.
  • All of the newest “Rīgas satiksme” transport vehicles are equipped with automatic passenger counting systems, so that when the transport salon occupancy reachesexceeds the permitted value, the dispatchers receive a signal, which allows for operative response and assigning of additional transport.  We have also increased the route tripsю.

How is the ventilation of the public transport ensured?

  • We have undertaken many different activities on this matter – ventilation of the transport salon at the terminal  stop, all doors (except for front ones) are opened in all stops, outside air is used for air ventilation in the salon, the windows are not locked and the passengers can open them, if necessary.
  • It should be noted that every passenger has a different sense of comfort temperature and during the cool season there are passengers who choose to close the opened window to keep warm. There are also passengers who keep opening them, on the other hand.

How is disinfection and cleaning of public transport ensured?Dezinfekcija.jpg

  • We take care of the cleanliness of the vehicles and every night when trams, trolleybuses and buses enter the park or depot, we perform intensive cleaning and disinfection, all stop bars, window sills, walls, swept and washed floors, etc. are cleaned. surfaces;
  • We also regularly perform disinfection in customer centers - tables, door handles and other surfaces.


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