Ticket control

Controllers fined me for a trip without a ticket. I do not agree with the fine imposed. Where to file a claim?

Application can be submitted:

  • in person at one of the company customer service centres;
  • sending by post a hand-signed application addressed to RP SIA “Rīgas satiksme”, Vestienas Street 35, Riga, LV-1035;
  • in electronic form, with a secure electronic signature, sending to sekretariats@rigassatiksme.lv.

We explain that an application for review of the grounds for application of a contractual penalty may be submitted within one month from the moment of application of the contractual penalty.

I drove only one stop and did not manage to register my e-ticket. Why was I punished? It was just one stop.

  • We explain that the passenger must register e-ticket immediately after boarding the public transport.

Why did the control punish my child? He is only 16 years young.

  • Every passenger, regardless of age, must register the trip. For example, students of Riga schools have an opportunity to get a "Student Card", which has a 100% discount for trips on public transport, which a student must register in the vehicle.

Why does the controller request that e-ticket is given to him?

  • During control, the controller checks not only whether the trip ticket is registered, but also whether the specific ticket - Student card, personalized e-ticket, Riga resident card belongs to the passenger who is currently moving on public transport, determining it according to a specific photo.

I got on the trolleybus and immediately registered my e-ticket. When the control got in, I gave all yellow e-tickets in my bag for checking. Why did the controller refuse to check all of them?

  • When performing ticket control, the controller checks no more than five tickets, therefore we invite passengers to present registered ticket immediately during the ticket control.
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