How to change an e-ticket?

  • Electronically - complete application (click here). After two working days, we invite you to visit the most convenient customer service centre to receive an e-ticket. Please bring your identity document. If you want to attach to the e-ticket a fare relief corresponding to the categories of passengers provided for in the binding regulations of Riga City Council No. 89 “On fare reductions in the public transport route network of the city of Riga”, please also present documents certifying the status;
  • In the customer service centre (opening hours and locations - here), presenting the existing e-ticket and identity document, as well as a proof of your status document. You will fill in an application and a new e-ticket will be created on the spot.

What to do if an e-ticket is lost?

  • In case one of the mentioned e-ticket types is lost, we ask you to block it. This can be done by calling information phone: +371 20361862, working hours: 6:00-24:00 (the call fee is determined by the caller's operator / selected tariff plan), as well as by going to one of "Rīgas satiksme" customer service centres. Please note that it is not possible to unblock a blocked personalized e-ticket, Riga resident card and Student e-card.

I have bought 9 trips, but the seller did not download them to my e-ticket, although the amount in the cash check shows that I have bought exactly 9 trips. When registering e-ticket on public transport, it showed me that there are 4 trips left instead of 8. Where are the remaining 4 trips?

  • 5 trip and 4 trip tickets were downloaded to the e-ticket at the point of sale. We would like to explain that different types of tickets do not add up to each other, therefore, when registering an e-ticket, the card reader does not show the balance of all ticket types available in the e-ticket. To verify the actual content of e-ticket, you can request the balance of your e-ticket at any ticket sales point or check it at the ticket vending machine, which will display the current balance of your e-ticket content.

In what cases do I need to pay EUR 2.85 to replace an e-ticket?

  • Replacement of e-ticket costs 2.85 EUR in case the e-ticket is used incorrectly. Replacement of a blue non-personalized e-ticket is free of charge only 6 months after its expiration date, after which a replacement fee of 2.85 EUR is required.

Where can I buy an animal transportation ticket?

  • An animal transportation ticket can be purchased only in the vehicle with the driver - 1.50 EUR.
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