Are there any conditions that must be taken into account when transporting an animal on public transport?

  • Animals may be transported free of charge on public transport if they are carried as hand luggage, i.e., in a suitable container or bag;
  • A person with a visual disability declared in the Republic of Latvia, upon presentation of a document certifying the status, may transport a dog accompanying him or her free of charge;
  • It is prohibited for a passenger to transport infectious or unvaccinated pet animals.

What to do if belongings (except e-ticket) are lost in public transport?

  • Information (description of lost property, data when the item was lost, public transport route where the property was lost) should be sent as soon as possible to the e-mail, as well as by calling 20361862. You can also contact the company through section "Contact us" on the company's website or by writing on social networks Twitter, Facebook.

What to consider when transporting a bicycle or scooter on public transport?

  • Care must be taken not to disturb other passengers;
  • Not to damage or pollute public transport;
  • During the journey, care must be taken to ensure that the bicycle or scooter does not fall, roll or tip over;
  • To take as little as possible space which is intended for prams and wheelchairs.

Where and for how long are items found on public transport stored?

At the end of the day, belongings left by passengers in the public transport are transported to the relevant park / depot, where dispatchers are present, if there are no such dispatchers on the route, the belongings are handed over to the responsible dispatcher upon entering the garage. Data on found items is registered in the register of found belongings. The found belongings are stored for no longer than three days.

What can I do if the vehicle in which I have registered my ticket for some reason does not continue the route and I am forced to use another transport / route?

  • If, due to exceptional circumstances, a public transport vehicle is unable to continue journey, the driver of the public transport vehicle shall, at the request of passenger, issue the passenger with a single transfer ticket if the passenger can present a valid single ticket or monthly ticket. Passenger has the right to use the issued one-time transfer ticket within one hour from the moment of its issuance for the trip in any bus, tram or trolleybus.

What is the vehicle identification / board number?

  • The vehicle identification number consists of a combination of five digits and is assigned to each bus, trolleybus and tram of "Rīgas satiksme"
  • Public transport identification number is located in several places both outside and inside the vehicle.

When submitting an application about one of the public transport vehicles, please indicate its exact identification number. Knowing the exact identification number enables to recognize the specific vehicle faster and react quickly.

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