Procurements and auctions


Purchase item Date End date
Open tender "On the right to conclude a general agreement on the health insurance of RP SIA "Rīgas satiksme" employees" 20.08.2018   
Tender „On granting the right to sign a loan agreement” 22.06.2018   
Tender „On the right to sign a contract on the rent of advertising media” 27.04.2018  18.06.2018 
Negotiations procedure „On the delivery of low-floor trams” 11.04.2018   
Tender „On consulting support for the attraction of funding from funding programmes of international institutions” 25.04.2018   
Vehicle and spare parts auction announcement 29.03.2018  16.04.2018 
Open tender "On the right to conclude a general agreement on the delivery of tram rails and their fasteners" 16.03.2018  28.06.2018 
Negotiations procedure "On electric energy purchase" 14.02.2018  15.05.2018 
On amendments to procurement agreement “On electric energy purchase” 04.12.2017   
On the conclusion of procurement agreement “On the rental of Microsoft Corporation software licences” 04.12.2017  04.12.2017 
On installation of public transport stops and placement of advertisements 28.11.2017   
Open tender "On fuel purchase" 21.11.2017  13.06.2018 
Open tender "On the right to sign a general agreement on the delivery of equipment and materials for the needs of electrical facilities" 10.10.2017  13.11.2017 
Tender „On providing catering services” 25.09.2017  16.11.2017 
Open tender „On the right to perform the mandatory insurance of land transport vehicle owner’s civil liability for RP SIA „Rīgas satiksme”” 20.09.2017  24.10.2017 
The procedure for discussions On the development of the construction plan for a new tram infrastructure section and the reconstruction of an existing tramway 28.07.2017  27.06.2018 
Amendments to purchase agreement LIG-IEP/2016/13 "On the delivery of low-floor trams" 24.07.2017   
Amendments to agreement No. LIG-IEP/2013/1 "About the delivery of higher comfort services on the routes of a part of the public transport routes network in Riga city" 14.06.2017   
Open tender „On the delivery of special vehicles” 02.01.2017  20.02.2017 
Open tender „On the right to sign a general agreement on the delivery of cars” 23.12.2016  13.06.2018 
Negotiations procedure „On developing the construction project for building a section of the new tram infrastructure and reconstruction of an existing tram line” 21.12.2016  16.01.2017 
Procurement procedure “On preparation and delivery of supplement to RP SIA “Rīgas satiksme” centralized solutions of parking lot surveillance and time control” 01.12.2016  12.12.2016 
Announcement of auction of vehicles and spare parts 01.12.2016  12.12.2016 
Procurement procedure “On delivery of project management services” 14.10.2016  31.10.2016 
Negotiations procedure „On signing a subcontract on providing public transport services in a part of routes of Riga city route network” 10.10.2016  11.11.2016 
Negotiations procedure „On providing a loan for funding investment projects” 03.08.2016  19.10.2016 
Negotiations procedure „On the development and implementation of the building project for object „Hydrogen filling station” in Riga, at Vienības gatve 6” 29.07.2016  10.10.2016 
Negotiated procedure "On concluding the subcontract for public transport services in the routes of Riga city's route network" 27.07.2016  29.08.2016 
Procurement procedure “On installation and service of road signs and dismantlement of previously installed road signs inside pay parking lots of Riga city” 12.07.2016  25.07.2016 
Procurement procedure “On roads horizontal marking works” 11.07.2016  25.07.2016 
Negotiations procedure „On the delivery of vehicles driven by hydrogen” 11.10.2016   
Announcement of selling vehicles and spare parts by auction 06.05.2016  23.05.2016 
Motor vehicles and spare parts tender announcement 21.12.2015  04.01.2016 
Negotiated procedure „On delivery of low-floor trams” 14.09.2015  29.02.2016 
Tender „On the right to sign a general agreement on health insurance of employees of Riga municipal limited LLC "Rīgas satiksme"" is open 28.08.2015  19.10.2015 
Motor vehicle auction announcement 11.06.2015  25.06.2015 
Open tender announcement 28.05.2015  13.07.2015 
Procurement procedure „On security services” 09.04.2015  05.06.2015 
Open tender announcement 10.03.2015  08.06.2015 
Open tender announcement 05.01.2015  20.04.2015 
Motor vehicle auction announcement 08.12.2014  15.12.2014 
Procurement „On debt collection services” 19.11.2014  01.12.2014 
Real estate auction announcement 27.08.2014  08.09.2014 
Procurement procedure „On daily maintenance of territory of municipal pay parking-lots in Riga city” 20.12.2013  06.02.2014 
Motor vehicle auction announcement 23.10.2013  06.11.2013 
Motor vehicle auction announcement 26.09.2013  09.10.2013 
Motor vehicle auction announcement 01.08.2013  07.08.2013 
Motor vehicle auction announcement 01.08.2013  07.08.2013 
Motor vehicle auction announcement 21.06.2013  11.07.2013 
Motor vehicle auction announcement 21.06.2013  11.07.2013 
Motor vehicle auction announcement 24.10.2012  06.11.2012 
Motor vehicle auction announcement 21.08.2012  10.09.2012 
Tender announcement 31.07.2012  16.08.2012 
Tender announcement 24.07.2012  08.08.2012 
Announcement of procedure for choosing offers 09.05.2012  22.05.2012 
On the rights to sign a general agreement on the delivery of cars 01.01.2012  15.03.2012 
On the works of applying horizontal road marking 20.07.2011  24.08.2011 
On the works of installing and serving road signs and dismantling previously installed road signs in the territory of paid parking-lots in Riga city 09.06.2011  06.07.2011 
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