Open data

Open data is freely available free information that can be used without restriction and can be edited and processed by freely available applications.

Open data can be used for any purpose (research, development of school/university papers, development of various new services, also the data can be modified and distributed further). Open data are available online without access restrictions.

These are not open data - personal data, commercial secret, documents affecting security, culturally sensitive data.

“Rīgas satiksme” once a month publishes the following information about public transport:

*The data of public transport traffic schedules are published in GTFS txt file format, at different time periods. Data of the routes are saved in GPS format used by Google Map.

**E-ticket registration data are stored in a structured way split by different time periods. Daily controls are stored in a separate txt file. From these data, it is possible to obtain information about the park/depot, type of vehicle, route name and direction, as well as e-ticket identification number. All data are anonymized before publication thereby eliminating the possibility to attribute the obtained information to the specific individual.

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