Rīgas acs

Every day buses, trolleybuses and trams of "Rīgas satiksme" carry almost 0.5 million passengers. The task of the company is to ensure their fast and comfortable transportation in Riga, yet such high volumes inevitably lead to situations which honest passengers do not deserve at all. Company "Rīgas acs" was established just to protect "Rīgas satiksme" employees and passengers from such situations.

Almost daily Riga public transport becomes the scene of some incident related to hooliganism, conflicts between passengers. Drunken passengers often behave inadequately, harass other passengers, pickpockets are also noticed, and acts of vandalism are also reported on a daily basis, as public transport vehicles are covered with drawings or otherwise damaged.

Every passenger of public transport deserves the feeling of safety and comfort, no matter whether he/she uses public transport in the city centre or suburbs, in day or night time, almost empty or overcrowded.

To ensure such safety, "Rīgas acs" develops, implements and maintains an integrated surveillance, control and co-ordination system, which, when fully put into operation, will enable online monitoring of what is happening in public transport and the implementation of the best response scenario in co-operation with the driver.

In case of incidents, "Rīgas acs" dispatchers together with the driver will decide about necessary action, which may be either an action of the driver to solve the situation, or a co-ordinated action of "Rīgas acs", State police or Riga municipal police, private security guard companies or ticket inspectors working on this route.

Another task of "Rīgas acs" system is to provide both the management of “Rīgas satiksme” and law enforcement bodies with information and evidences necessary to combat criminal offences or acts of hooliganism in public transport and to hold guilty persons responsible.

A fully implemented, efficient "Rīgas acs" safety and control system will certainly play a significant role in improving the preventive safety system in public transport.

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