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Application terms for Riga resident’s card and e-ticket 

  • made of plastic;
  • valid for 10 years;
  • attached to one holder only;
  • contains holder’s data – photo, name, surname;
  • can be only used by its holder;
  • compulsory for those passengers who use fare discounts in public transport, except for those  enjoying 100% fare discount granted by the state (disabled persons of group 1 and 2 and disabled persons until the age of 18 years; see here); every passenger may apply for this type of e-ticket after visiting a customer service centre and completing a special form;
  • if the ticket is lost, it can be blocked and restored without losing the services paid;
  • it can be reloaded in ticket vending machines, kiosks of "Narvesen", "Latvia Post" offices in Riga, ticket trade outlets of "Rīgas satiksme" and on the Internet (see the list of trade outlets here);
  • tickets are to be used within 12 months upon the moment of purchase, except when the tariff of the ticket type changes or the ticket type is cancelled and Riga municipal company "Rīgas satiksme" sets a transition period for the validity of the ticket type;
  • e-tickets cannot be folded, pressed, broken, crumpled, soaked or subjected to another impact which makes then invalid for use;
  • the first e-ticket is issued free of charge, but if lost, making a new e-ticket will cost EUR 2.85.Due to the use of personalized smart cards (personalized e-tickets), data of private individuals are processed for the following purposes.  



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