Corporate customer's card

  • Made of PVC compound;
  • valid for 10 years;
  • non-personalised (does not include any personal data);
  • Issued to legal entities;
  • how to apply for the card? (see here)
  • monthly travel cards and tickets for a specific number of trips can be replenished;
  • tickets must be used within 12 months of purchase thereof, unless the fare for this specific type of ticket it changed, or the ticket type is going to be revoked, and "Rīgas satiksme" has set a transition period to determine the validity term for tickets of this type;
  • e-tickets may not be folded, pressed, broken, crumpled, doused or otherwise made unusable.

Other e-ticket types:

  • Personalised e-ticket
    • Made of plastic
    • Valid for 10 years
    • Attached to one holder only
    • Contains holder’s data – photo, name, surname
  • Non-personalised e-ticket
    • Made of plastic
    • Valid for 10 years
    • Does not include personal data
    • Designed for loading one-month tickets and tickets for a certain number of trips
  • Riga resident’s card
    • made of plastic
    • valid for 10 years
    • attached to one user
    • may be only used by its owner
  • Yellow e-ticket
    • Made of cardboard
    • Electronic chip
    • Tickets for a certain period of time
    • Easy to buy
  • Pupil’s e-card
    • Made of plastic
    • Attached to one user
    • Contains holder’s data – photo, name, surname, identity code
    • Can be only used by its holder
  • Guide's card
    • made of PVC compound
    • valid for 10 years
    • issued to first-degree disabled persons and disabled children
  • Payment card with e-ticket of the Bank Citadele
    • Payment card with incorporated e-ticket
    • Expiration date is embossed on card
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