Riga resident’s card


  • the card may be issued to persons having declared their residence in Riga or to persons who own a real estate in Riga;
  • it is necessary for those who want to enjoy the discounts granted to Riga residents and to use public transport;
  • it is issued for the first time free of charge, but a repeated issue of the card in case of its loss will cost EUR 2.85;
  • made of plastic;
  • valid for 10 years;
  • attached to one user;
  • contains client’s data  – photo, name, surname, identity code;
  • may be only used by its owner;
  • if lost, the card may be blocked and restored without losing already paid services;
  • can be reloaded in ticket vending machines, "Narvesen", "Preses apvienība" kiosks,  "Latvia Post" offices in Riga, in outlets selling "Rīgas satiksme" tickets, as well as on the Internet (see the list of ticket outlets here);
  • one-month tickets and tickets for a certain number of trips can be loaded into the card;
  • tickets are to be used within 12 months from the moment of their purchase, except for cases when the tariff of this ticket type is changed /the ticket type is cancelled  and municipal company "Rīgas satiksme" sets a transitional validity period for this ticket type;
  • a Riga resident’s card may not be folded, squeezed, broken, crumpled, soaked in a liquid or exposed to other similar impacts which make the card invalid for use;
  • if the person receiving the card is declared in Riga, then Riga resident’s card may be received in a customer service centre (you can apply for the visit here) or electronically;
  • if the person owns a real estate in Riga, then the Riga resident’s card may be received in a customer service centre (you can apply for the visit here);
  • for more information about discounts granted to Riga resident's card holders, read www.ridziniekakarte.lv/en/offers.
  • Due to the use of personalized smart cards (personalized e-tickets), data of private individuals are processed for the following purposes.  


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