Guide's card

  • made of PVC compound;
  • valid for 10 years;
  • issued to first-degree disabled persons and disabled children;
  • contains personal data – the personal number and photo of the disabled person;
  • the Guide's card can be used for travelling by public transport together with the disabled person who is the holder of the Guide's card;
  • the aperture in the middle of the Guide's card helps visually impaired passengers discern the card from e-tickets of other types;
  • can be blocked and restored if lost;
  • the card can be obtained at any "Rīgas satiksme" Customer Service Centre (see here);
  • the card may not be folded, pressed, broken, crumpled, doused or otherwise made unusable;
  • first-time issue is free of charge; reissue of an e-ticket to replace a lost one costs EUR 2.85;
  • personal data is processed in connection with the use of a guide's card for the following purposes.

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