ISIC e-card

  • ISIC is a document confirming the status of students and scholars, which is recognized by     UNESCO;
  • is granted to persons who follow an educational programme in a comprehensive educational institution of Riga city municipality – regardless of their declared place of residence, or who have declared their place of residence in the administrative area of Riga city and follow an educational programme in a comprehensive educational institution registered in the administrative area of Riga city;
  • is granted to persons who follow an educational programme in a comprehensive educational institution registered outside Riga but whose place of residence is declared in the administrative area of Riga city;
  • The ISIC can be used for loading a ticket for certain number of trips (for minibus), which are sold in "Narvesen" stores, "Latvia Post" offices in Riga, "Rīgas satiksme" ticket outlets and on the Internet (see the list of trade outlets here);
  • the tickets shall be used within 12 month upon their purchase, except for cases where "Rīgas satiksme" changes the tariff of this type of ticket or cancels this type of ticket and sets a transitional period for the ticket’s validity period;
  • if the card has been lost, it can be blocked and restored without losing the already paid services;
  • attached to one holder;
  • contains customer’s data – photo, name, surname, identity code;
  • can be only used by the card’s holder;
  • valid for one year (the expiry date is indicated on the card);
  • made of plastic;
  • an ISIC e-card may not be folded, squeezed, broken, crumpled, soaked in a liquid or exposed to other similar impacts which make the card invalid for use;
  • After the expiry of the card’s validity period it can be extended in the nearest customer service centre of “Rīgas satiksme”, where a new card will be issued for the next academic year;
  • The price of an ISIC e-card is EUR 7.10;
  • One person may hold either an ISIC e-card or a Pupil’s e-card;
  • If prior to receiving an ISIC e-card a person used a Pupil’s e-card, the latter shall be returned to „Rīgas satiksme” (otherwise EUR 2.85 will be charged additionally for damaging or losing the Pupil’s e-card);
  • if the ISIC e-card is returned to "Rīgas satiksme", a Pupil’s e-card will be issued free of charge, but if an ISIC e-card has been lost or damaged, a new Pupil’s e-card will be issued for EUR 2.85;
  • an ISIC e-card may be exchanged for a Pupil’s e-card (or vice versa) at any time;
  • if the ISIC e-card has technical defects, it is replaced by a new one free of charge;
  • the price of restoring a card which has been damaged or lost due to the holder’s negligence is  EUR 7.10;
  • the discounts granted under the ISIC program are available in more than 500 places in Latvia and more than 42 000 places in 127 countries of the world;
  • the discounts are granted in stores where they are available, upon presenting the card and its validity date to the seller before the purchase is registered. When the purchase is made on the Internet, the discount is granted upon entering the ISIC e-card’s number, which is seen on the card’s front and consists of 2 characters and 12 digits, when entering the first character and digits and performing the steps listed  in the product purchase guidelines of the discount provider;
  • More information is available at 
  • Due to the use of personalized smart cards (personalized e-tickets), data of private individuals are processed for the following purposes.

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